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Our Story

Chósta was founded in Vancouver, Canada by myself, Scott Phelan and my partner, Heather Corbett. Although Vancouver is our home, the Pacific Northwest is our playground.
In 2017 we were preparing for a kayak trip and hastily purchased some camping stools along with our other supplies. To our dismay, all three of the stools broke during our trip. We knew cheaply made products had been a long-standing concern in the outdoor goods industry and with broken plastic and ripped nylon in our hands, we felt like we were becoming part of the problem.
We continued to explore the Pacific Northwest and encountered cheap camping gear along the way. We thought, if people cared half as much about their gear as they did about the beautiful places they were exploring, then maybe we would see less gear destined for the landfill.
I had been working in a wood shop in my spare time and it dawned on me that I had all of the tools I needed to make some chairs of our own. So, I set out to build a camp chair that would honour these wild places.
In August of 2018, we decided to launch Chósta with the mission of providing handmade hardgoods to people who care deeply about the wild places they explore and call home.